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What our Customers Say...


What Our Customers Say...

Rear Suspension Linkages

Avinash Bharani

Much needed solution for the serious problem faced by all the ninja 300 owners. I was always cautious while going on speed breakers. But now, I ride my bike effortlessly and confidently over the speed breakers. Even with a pillion rider I can confidently go over the speed breaker without any worry of the exhaust down pipe being damaged.

Arjun TS

After fixing the 162GC linkages I have driven almost 3000+km. It was a good modification to the bike. Now I’m more confident to drive on Bangalore roads.

Sameer Khan

I feel more comfortable and secure after installing the linkages. The linkages make my bike damage free from potholes and ride worry free with pillion.

Jatin Shinde

Definitely my bike doesn’t scrape now but the pillion height has increased which is still fine. There is no pressure on the hands as I have went from Mumbai to Konkan; it was amazing, didn’t feel tired at all, plus the bike looks better from behind.

Gurumoorthi S

No fear of speed breakers after installation of these linkages. Handling, Stability and Front brakes improved a lot.

Karthik KS

This product is very useful as it helps avoiding the hit to the oil pan considering even small jumps. Now a days I am able to ride without any worry as this product has given me more ground clearance


Rahul Kumar

Shockabsorber works way better than before!

Sai Ganesh

It feels good to ride the bike because of the 170mm linkages and it's easy to cross the speed breakers of any height. I didn't get any issues after changing the linkages from stock to the 170mm linkages. I'm satisfied. Thank you SQUAD-E

Ruthvik Reddy

Satisfied, worked as expected with some suspension stiffening that I found out about only after using it.

Handlebar Riser

Avinash Bharani

Once I installed the PL linkages, I found the riding position a bit aggressive and leaning towards the tank. This was causing a bit of pain on my back and I had to take frequent breaks during my long rides. But with the handlebar risers the riding position is a lot more comfortable now and is somewhat similar to the riding experience that I got from the stock bike. The number of breaks during the long rides have considerably reduced now. The bike is giving me a much better road presence and confidence to ride safely at higher speeds.

Are You Next?

Are You Next?

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