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1. Can the linkages be fitted on our own?

> Yes, given that you have the right tools and skills as mentioned in the installation video and manual. But we recommend getting it fitted from a repair shop only as it will much safer and convenient to do so.

2. Does the fitment of the linkage require any other changes to the suspension setup?

>  No. No other changes in suspension setup is required other than the linkage itself.

3. Why is the total weight limit of 175kgs same for both the PL and PL+ linkage?

> The total weight carrying capacity of Ninja 300 as recommended by Kawasaki is 173kgs (please check the owners manual for the same) and we recommend not to exceed the same in any case.

4. What if the bike still bottoms out on a speedbump or a pothole even after the installation of the right linkage as per the given criteria?

> For rare situations while traveling with a heavy pillion, if there is a slight dip just before the speedbump, the suspension compresses and the effective Ground Clearance reduces a lot, one has to slow down from a bit of distance so that the suspension doesn't compress too much just before the speedbump. If you are still concerned then you have to bump up the shockabsorber preload by a step or two.

5. Are there any other advantages of using these linkages over the stock ones?

> Yes, the handling is greatly improved along with slight enhancement in braking performance due to decreased rake angle. The advantage increases with higher the ground clearance linkage, but accordingly the seat height also increases. So one needs to follow the given height criteria.

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