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The Explorer Solo Comfort Kit is for those who go solo everywhere; be it a run to the office in style or to a party with swag!


You get the combination of good ground clerance for your solo riding conditions and reaching the destination with absolute comfort.


Whats more? With this kit you are eligible for free express shipping.

Explorer Kit - Solo Comfort


What Our Customers Say...

Anupam Raj

I don't face any type of issues, it's working fantastic and I'm totally satisfied with this product.

Udaya Murnal

Giving review after 1 month of using the 170mm GC Linkage. It is very strong and good quality. Now I'm not scared of any humps and breakers. I will recommend all the Ninja 300 owners to buy these linkages for the safety of their engine, suspension and panel parts at the bottom of the bike.

Rahul Kumar

Shock Absorber works way better than before!

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