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The FLINK Series Rear Suspension Linkages are specifically designed for Kawasaki Ninja/Z 650 to transform the bike’s handling characteristics from understeer to nimble steering. Combined with the improved rear suspension stiffness over the stock setup, the rider is able to steer the bike and put down the power with greater confidence.


With all this there is the added benefit of increased ground clearance up from 130mm on stock setup to 150mm! Helping you go over bad patches of roads or speed bumps without breaking a sweat.

(Aplicable to all Ninja/Z/RS 650 MY 2019-Current)


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Ninja/Z/RS 650 FLINK Series Rear Suspension Linkages

₹6,999.00 Regular Price
₹6,499.00Sale Price
    1. Transforms the bike's handling from understeer to nimble steering characteristics thanks to reduced wheelbase.
    2. Makes the big bike a breeze to ride in city traffic conditions due to reduced rake angle of the steering.
    3. Appropriately stiffned rear suspension with increased anti-squat charateristics helps in putting down power on the ground much better and aids in confidence while accelerating in mid-corner or corner exit.
    4. Increases Ground Clearance to 150mm compared to 130mm with the stock links. 160mm clearance from ground at the underbelly exhuast canister.
    5. Clears speed breakers with ease having luggage on board with the rider. Peace of mind while tackling broken stretches of road or rough terrain.

What Our Customers Say...

Anupam Raj

I don't face any type of issues, it's working fantastic and I'm totally satisfied with this product.

Udaya Murnal

Giving review after 1 month of using the 170mm GC Linkage. It is very strong and good quality. Now I'm not scared of any humps and breakers. I will recommend all the Ninja 300 owners to buy these linkages for the safety of their engine, suspension and panel parts at the bottom of the bike.

Rahul Kumar

Shock Absorber works way better than before!

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