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With the increase in Ride Height due to the FLINK or Explorer Series of Rear Suspension Linkages and the side stand remaining in the stock form, the bike is bound to lean more. These side stand extenders decrease the lean angle and give you peace of mind when the bike is parked on loose or inclined surfaces.


Highly recommended for the users of the FLINK, Explorer PL and PL+ linkages. 


Also available in STEEL construction.

Side Stand Extender - Stainless Steel

Top Plate Colour: BLACK
  • 1. Decreases bike lean angle on the stock side stand by increasing side stand length by 15mm.

    2. Plug and drive product which fits directly on the stock side stand without the need of any modifications.

    3. Functional and Compact design which keeps material usage to the minimum to keep weight in check while giving you bullet proof reliablity with the all metal construction.

    4. Light weight at 230grams courtesy to the compact and layered design, thus having less impact on stock side stand spring life.

    5. Unique layered design - Top and bottom 2 layers made out of stainless steel to give maximum duarbility and long lasting rust free looks. Middle layer made of aluminium to keep weight in check.

    6. Proudly designed and developed in India.

    Note: This product is also available in STEEL construction.

What Our Customers Say...

Anupam Raj

I don't face any type of issues, it's working fantastic and I'm totally satisfied with this product.

Udaya Murnal

Giving review after 1 month of using the 170mm GC Linkage. It is very strong and good quality. Now I'm not scared of any humps and breakers. I will recommend all the Ninja 300 owners to buy these linkages for the safety of their engine, suspension and panel parts at the bottom of the bike.

Rahul Kumar

Shock Absorber works way better than before!

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